Please remember that the race takes place late June where the possibility of snow on the surrounding mountains is high, which leads to very cold ambient temperatures. For this reason we recommend the following required equipment and depending on weather conditions, mandatory gear checks may take place and this will be communicated to you well in advance of race day.
Please be sensible, the equipment which we recommend is only the basics to help protect you in case of emergency, so please prepare appropriately as this is for your safety.

Essential/Suggested Gear

  • Space Blanket (Rescue Blanket)
  • Whistle
  • Buff, hat, beanie (any combination of the three
  • Minimum of 1.5 liters of water
  • Fully charged cell phone with the emergency numbers saved
  • Outer Shell (wind breaker)
  • Hydration Pack to carry essential gear
  • Race Snacks (Racefood bars are highly recommended)
  • Micro Fleece (if weather conditions require it or you feel safer with it)
  • Mini First Aid Kit (the trail covers some remote sections)
  • Collapsable Cup

Additional Recommended Gear

  • Waterproof Rain Jacket (more than just a windbreaker)
  • Gloves
  • Cold weather running pants / tights
  • Thermal Base Layers

*Random gear checks will be done!

We are trying to have the minimal environmental impact during RunTheuniskraal, and there ask the 15km & 30km to be self sufficient and carry collapsable cups to use at the water points on route.

The HydraPak SpeedCup will be available for purchase on the day @ R119, or get yours at your nearest RUN store!

All the usuals will be there, “hot” showers (taken into account the ambient temperature in June), coffee, snacks & live entertainment after the run while you enjoy 1 of your race “medals”, that is if you are over 18.

Registration opens at 06:30


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