THE FARM – Theuniskraal

A bit of history!

Theuniskraal, one of Tulbagh’s best-known wine farms and South Africa’s very first white-wine estate, has a history as interesting, and as old, as the town itself. Situated some 120km from Cape Town, Tulbagh is the centre of one of South Africa’s oldest agricultural regions.

A haven with a temperate climate, the valley is girded by the lofty peaks of the Obiqua, Winterhoek and Witzenberg mountains, offering perfect slopes, protection and superb conditions for the vines of a wide variety of cultivars. According to history, three families settled in the picturesque Tulbagh valley in 1699. One of the families had a son named Theunis, who was granted land to the north of the village. His property was originally named Theuniskuyl, but by 1785, when vines were already being cultivated there, the name had changed to Theuniskraal.

In 1927 the widow Jordaan from De Doorns bought the farm for her two sons. The elder, Andries, farmed on Theuniskraal, while the younger, Harry, did so on Agenda, a portion of the original farm.

Nowadays the whole family works on Theuniskraal. As a fourth-generation Theuniskraal Jordaan, winemaking is quite simply in Andries’ blood. Andries, the eldest son of Rennie Jordaan, is the principal winemaker, while Rennie, now semi-retired, still provides very valuable input.. The family tradition continues, with Andries’ cousin Flippie as Theuniskraal’s viticulturist, and his brother Wagner assisting with both winemaking and viticulture.

Become Part of the Theuniskraal Trail Run History!

In 2014, Flippie, an avid trail runner & mountain biker, contacted old family friend and Tulbagh born trail runner & race organiser, Jan Ham, with the idea of hosting a trail run as part of Theuniskraal’s activities during the annual Christmas In Winter wine festival, held in the Tulbagh Valley every end of June.

Now in its 6th year, the Theuniskraal Trail Run has grown from strength to strength with 3 distances to choose from on the race day. The routes are a mixture of jeep track & single track, including an adventure section or two (some runners return just to use the slide to cross the river). The 7.5km route is family friendly, with difficulty of the trails getting higher with distances. The 30km, although relatively flat, is not to be underestimated, and runners will have to be self-sufficient on this route, even though 2 waterpoints will be allocated.

The routes are designed & planned by Flippie (Race Director) & Jan (Route Director), and incorporates the help of family, friends, the neighbouring farms & farm workers as volunteers/route marshals on the day.

In 2018 Rob Nel joined the team as Technical Director, as runner’s and festival goers enjoyment & safety are our primary concerns.

So join us, and become part of the rich history that is Theuniskraal!